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We all experience problems, problems often author a negative story you believe about your yourself, your partner or your relationships...worse they can become the un-true stories others believe about you - this problem is often called a "thin story".

You are not always the author of your story. Life events (large

or small), family systems, peers, school systems, societal expectations, elders, generational discourse, medicalization (especially psychotherapy), government laws, male and female traditions, cultural history, are co-authors and intermixed together. It is not the understanding of the experience that sustains change but who's authored & created the story are you living in?

When you re-author & understand the systems that have had an influence over you and pushed your dreams aside, you can "thicken" a more true, consistent and story with a life based on your control, choices, goals, and dreams.

about problems

"The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem."

how I work

Michael White and David Epston

how I work 

 ​Problem stories change the way you see yourself, see your relationships, see your past & see your future.

 I don't see you as damaged, a problem or broken, but as caught in "The Problems" web of stories, habits, patterns & systems (societal, educational, family, business & medical). Through Post-Modern, Narrative & contemplative theory we can take the balance of power away from "The Problems"   ​

My theoretical education, orientation & methods are supported by post-modern theories: Narrative therapy, Collaborative therapy, Contemplative therapy + meditation (if desired).

What does this mean? Simply stated post-modern theory believes there is more to you and your life than just a diagnosis. That traditional Western psychology over medicalizes and stigmatizes problems as internal faults of yours, imposes power over you, neglects systems of oppression & supports a debilitating comparison model to determine what mental health "should" look like.


Being grounded in collaborative theory means I maintain an equal relationship with you, without a system of hierarchy, so that our dialogues lead a new co-authoring of your preferred life. 


With Narrative therapy I view problems as separate from you, they have influence on your best self. I acknowledge you have made many positive choices, have skills, competencies, beliefs, values, commitments & abilities. These will be the focus of our work to empower you to change the power  "The Problem" has over you. 


If desired I can utilize contemplative therapy blending the Buddhist dharma around the 4 Noble Truths/8 Fold Path with a lens of psychotherapy + meditative techniques.