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"The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem."
- Michael White & David Epston

Is your life controlled by anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fear, worry,

low self-esteem or lost confidence?


I help young adults, adults & relationships break apart problematic habits, beliefs, patterns & systems. Helping you achieve your desired life, purpose, and goals. Our sessions are about possibilities, empowerment, confidence, & trust in yourself and others.


Therapy with me focuses on understanding, investigating, and exposing the effects of problems on your dreams, and expectations for your life & creating new possibilities for your future.

I often work with entrepreneurs, college students, creatives, outliers, neurodiverse, and LGTBQIA+ folx. If you love storytelling, philosophy, and talk with metaphors, then my training and use of Post Modern, Narrative, Solution Focused, Intersectionality, Contemplative, Social Construction, and Decolonizing approaches to mental health might suit you.

I help people experiencing problems such as:






Relational Issues

Societal Norms

Communication Conflicts 

Career Transitions

Life Transitions (school, family, spiritual, sobriety)

Self Reflection

Existential Issues

Normative culture and values

Colonization and power

For more details on how I work select from below.

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