How can I help you experiencing life the way you want it?

Are there problems that have you feeling stuck or challenged?

Does perfection, self-doubt, and being on edge make it’s hard to find your way through life?

Would having another person on your side to holistically & collaboratively investigate what’s happening be a good idea?

Maybe, you’re tired of therapists that focus on your trauma instead what's possible


Are systems of power, normativity, and colonization at the center of the problem?

"The problem is the problem,

the person is not the problem."

- Michael White & David Epston

 Could having a person on your side to empathetically, collaboratively & with a focus on what is making problems so hard to move through be a good idea? We start with where you want to be in life and what’s possible, even if you’re not sure. I'm trained, grounded, and have experience helping people through problems, not blaming or shaming them.

" PROBLEMs change the way you see yourself, your relationships, your future & what you believe is possible." Eric Ruffing

I help people experiencing problems such as:






Relational Issues

Societal Norms

Communication Conflicts 

Career Transitions

Life Transitions (school, family, spiritual, sobriety)

Self Reflection

Existential Issues

Normative culture and values

Colonization and power

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