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Group Therapy

This Group will start up again in November.

email or text me if you would like to know details.

Sustaining Addiction Recovery

A weekly conversational + meditation group for those in

stable recovery.

A non-judgmental weekly gathering to support & respect your unique experiences & relationship with your stable substance recovery journey. Open discussion & topics around how addictive thinking may still be influencing your emotional recovery, trying to convince you of ideas counter to your sober life goals, accomplishments, & desires. Includes short guided present moment awareness meditation at the beginning + end of each session.

Discussions and topics include:


• How, when, where does addictive thinking influencing your sustained recovery?
• Is addictive thinking constraining your emotional recovery?
• Is addictive thinking trying to convince you of ideas counter to your sober life goals, accomplishments, and desires?
• As you (re)author your story with addiction what parts of the story need support?
• Societal discourse and influence on sobriety & recovery.
• Does comparison conspire with addictive thinking and recovery paths?
• How to find alternative members to add to your community of support (songs, books, characters, movies, people no longer in your life, poems, heroes etc...)
• What skills & knowledge have you (re)discovered or (re)created to sustain your recovery?
• Each meeting will start and end with a 5-10 minute meditation.

Fee: $20.00 per meeting.

**RSVP is required to join in order to ensure a safe space for all.** You may text, email, or call me to set up a quick conversation to make sure this is a good fit for your needs. Exact location will be provided upon acceptance as a member after consultation.

** Please note this is not for those seeking help for addictive behaviors or in an OP program. This group is focused on those who are maintaining sobriety and are looking for help and support to maintain their current control over addictive behaviors.
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