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You are inherently good.

"The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem."
- Michael White & David Epston

Problems bring into your life depression, stress, overwhelm, fear, worry, lowered self-esteem & lost confidence. I help young adults, adults & relationships break apart problem imposed habits, beliefs, patterns & systems. Thus helping you to experience your desired life, purpose, and goals. Our sessions are about possibilities, empowerment, confidence, & trust in yourself & others. Therapy with me focuses on understanding, investigating, and exposing the effects of problems on your dreams, expectations for your life & creating new possibilities for your future.

Collaboratively we'll develop new narratives and understanding of how problems impact you, not what's wrong with you. You and I will investigate and challenge what the problems are doing to you, not pathologize and label you, or dig through attachment traumas. I use Narrative, Solution Focused therapies along with systemic, constructivist, decolonizing and contemplative lenses. Our sessions are about possibilities, empowerment, confidence, and trust. If you feel you have no choices, trapped by self-doubt, anxiety, societal norms, worry or feel overwhelmed we you might like version of therapy.

I'll never judge you, your past, or your desires. You deserve respect, to be heard, & be in control of how you want to live. I'm inclusive, affirming & an ally to marginalized groups, supportive of all lifestyle preferences, spiritual choices & decolonizing practices.​

If you current narrative is that you have no choices, feel overwhelmed, trapped by self-doubt, anxiety, or worry it's because how problems operate on you, your behaviors are important but let's also investigate the problems from all sides.


I'd like to help re-author those narratives and live in possibility, confidence, and ease.

PROBLEMs change the way you see yourself, 
your relationships, your future &
what you believe is possible.

Eric Ruffing

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I help people experiencing problems such as:






Relational Issues

Societal Norms

Communication Conflicts 

Career Transitions

Life Transitions (school, family, spiritual, sobriety)

Self Reflection

Existential Issues

For more details on how I work select from below.

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